vendredi 25 octobre 2013

Amigurumi Giraffe 2

Selam every one,

A new Amigurumi giraffe with the same  pattern.

But this time I used new colors, I used Yellow and brown. I added some small circles around the giraffe this time and the pattern of the small brown circles is very simple, it makes only with 2 rounds:
1st Round: 6 sc in the ring.
2nd round: 2sc in the sts: 12 sts at the end. I made : 20 small circles in this giraffe.

Enjoy !!!

Two friends forever :)

3 commentaires:

  1. two friends forever .... just adorable :)

  2. something pop up in my mind and I couldn't resiste saying it ...KAWAI !!!!! XD